Direct Payment Consultants partners with financial institutions to deliver cost effective credit card processing services and equipment.

The bank receives referral revenue and the bank's customers receive discounted processing services and equipment.

Direct Payment Consultants performs all services and day-to-day support for your banking customers. The bank simply fills out a referral form and sends it to us. We will contact the bank customer (merchant) within two business hours to determine processing and equipment needs, review rates and fees, fill out an application, and set-up the merchant on the bank's behalf.

Benefits of Being a Direct Payment Consultants Partner:

  • Prompt and courteous follow-up to your banking customers
  • Dedicated support – 24/7 for your banking customers
  • Competitive pricing
  • No liability and/or risk to the bank
  • Efficient merchant conversions
  • Terminal downloads by Direct Payment Consultants
  • Free merchant (bank customer) training
  • Monthly residuals for processing and equipment purchases

By working with Direct Payment Consultants as a business partner, you have the opportunity to maximize customer relations, deliver new products and services, generate monthly residual income and retain and attract new banking customers.

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